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Hi! I am "otherhalfwhereareyou", okay? :D

I am Yanyan, 21 years old and an Engineering Student.

I am snobby and a bitch when I don't like you. I can be mean if you play games with me, but I can be an angel if you are good to me. I am very passionate in everything that I do. I love multi tasking like work, studying, and shopping. I love to meet people from all walks of life, but I prefer to get to know chics who also have go getter attitudes!

I'm AvisAsphodel131 in Pottermore! Say Hi to me guys <3

I reblog harry potter, nasty, creepy, sweet moments, cute boys, cute girls, weird stuff and random things that caught my eyes. And also I may flood your dashboard with reblogs or posts. Kay?

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birth control pills: 

  • can treat cysts, endometriosis, pcos, and other potentially life-threatening conditions
  • can lessen severe symptoms of menstruation
  • can treat hormonal imbalances that result in severe acne and other side effects
  • can prevent pregnancy from ever occurring

erectile dysfunction drugs:

  • give you an erection

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this blog will make you laugh your ass off!
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Once you’ve accepted your flaws no one can use them against you.

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can i sell my feelings on ebay i don’t want them anymore

Come quickly, I am drinking the stars!

Dom Pérignon after inventing champagne (via zeppelin-child)

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australia’s got a lot of fucked up shit going on but at least we can say our last mass shooting was 18 years ago

because after it happened we placed higher restrictions on gun ownership

because that’s the logical fucking thing to do


The people who come running to hug you after you haven’t seen them in awhile are my favorite type of people.

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